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surin Background

Surin islands Background

Surin national park was promoted to an Andaman Asian heritage site in 2004, it's home to a small community of Morgan people with around 200 houses on one of the islands. Morgan people have no nationality and religion but they have their own language and culture. They currently have 64 children on this island and it would be kind for any of you to bring some gifts to these kids like clothes, school equipment etc, as they cannot enter the mainland (due to no Thai nationality).

Furthermore, Surin Island is one of the best snorkelling sites in Thailand. Many beautiful wildlife can be found on the island including flying squirrels, pig tales monkeys, flying lizards, eagles and sea eagles.
Sea Star Andaman would like to welcome you to Surin island. We are committed to environmental conservation with the highest standards. 

Similan island and Rok Island: Image
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